Miniature Jewellery 1:12 scale

Sometimes it's the unexpected that makes the most beautiful things develop.

So was at the Miniature Fair 2006 in Soest, when during a nice client meeting the idea arose, to realize jewellery in miniature.

The jewels in the following pictures have been made with craftsmanship, precision and skill, exclusively for us.


DoppelreifMade from platinum or gold, forged and staffed by individually decisions, genuine gemstones, each piece must be adapted to the wearer, as in real life.






If you want us to make a piece of jewellery, please contact us.Saphircollier






Smaragdcollier, Platin/Gold 750/- 1 Smaragd 0,08ct 10 Brillanten tw-vs 0,04ctFor a perfect fit, it is essential to send us the doll to wear the necklace, for customization.





The production time is about 3 weeks after "receipt of the wearer."







PlatincollierEach piece is unique and comes with a certificate.






The pieces shown are examples of what was already made for us.Goldreif, Platin/Gold 750/-  1 Brillant tw-vs 0,01ct







You are welcome to portray your own ideas and concepts. We clarify everything further with our goldsmith.