About us:

Since almost 20 years I have worked in retail. It all began with self-designed knitwear, advanced by craft&arts and medieval clothes.

From my former hobby, the miniaturismus, developed as another sector, which is the focus of our trade now.

At Christmas time, we feed since many years the beautiful Soest Christmas market with Christmas tree ornaments and miniatures.

Due to numerous requests, we will offer the special Christmas tree ornaments - exclusively from German production - also in our webshop, in the future.

More and more, we lately also offer increasingly homemade products in our assortment. For example, chandeliers and lamps, fireplace, furniture and office kits, self-designed flooring, and much more. Gradually, we will present all these beautiful things in our webshop.

Furthermore, I offer on some fairs workshops, for example, with the building kit "Roombox Paris".

I would be delighted if we would meet at a trade show, the place and time for this can be found under "Events".

I will be also happy to welcome you again in our webshop, which will be continuously expanded.

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