Workshop dresser / chest of drawers with decoupage technique

The miniature show Chicago:

Tuesday April 18

9:00 - 4:00*


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"How did you do it, can you explain to me how you decorated the dresser?", I have been asked very often at the last miniature shows.

That is why I would like to convey my technique and experience in a corresponding workshop.

In the workshop, the dresser (chest of drawers kit no. 1, from my own collection) is assembled from prefabricated raw components and applied with a special paint, a primer coat.

Subsequently, the surface decoration, specially made for this dresser, is applied in decoupage technique.

After the drying time, the decoration is completed with a fine brush and matching color and some "shabby" details.

During the drying time, the two decorative objects are made of metal parts and are covered with balls of  moss.

In the workshop fees are included: the kit for the chest of drawers, the decoupage material and the parts for the decorative items. The necessary different colors, special lacquer and quick-adhesive I bring with me for general use.

Fee: $120

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The participants must bring the following materials:

A cutting mat, sharp fine cutter knife and / or scalpel, fine scissors, Ponal express (fast drying white wood glue), various fine and medium hairbrushes, flat broader fine brush, glass for brush water,
Sanding paper 240-360.

Please note: the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8. The confirmation of participation is made in the order of registration, including the deposit.

Furthermore your registration is valid subject to free workshop places. In this regard, we register promptly after your application.


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Please send the agreed payment by Paypal to me as a friend to the account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If the event can not take place, the deposit will be refunded, of course.

If you don't have a paypal account, please contact me for an alternative payment.







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